Be civil:

All board members are advised to act in a civilized fashion, regardless of situation or provocation. Pleasant people make for a pleasant board.

If you should encounter a problem with any particular member, please deal with it via e-mail rather than post specifics (names, exact details, etc.) on the forum. If you are unsure as to how to handle it, please mail one of the admins for help.

No Spamming In any form:

Ads for your site are tolerated if you are, or plan to be, a genuine, contributing member. All posts are to be a worthwhile contribution and relevant to the topic in which they are found.

Be considerate of other's topics:

When a topic is created, the direction of the content and level of seriousness are factors left to the discretion of the thread creator. You wouldn't like it if someone trivialized or diverted your conversation, would you? So please keep to the topic. If you wish to start a new topic then simply do so.

Remember to be respectful to both the memories of Bruce & Brandon Lee, as well as to their loved ones(whether that is Linda, Shannon, Eliza or anyone else in Bruce & Brandon's extended families). Any crude comments that are deemed disrespectful or illogical to the memory of Bruce & Brandon Lee will be deleted.

Post topics in the related forums

Use restraint and common sense when posting:

Remember that the Forum is host to a great variety of racial, ethnic, religious and political people, who have a myriad of interests. Please respect others, their lifestyles, and their right to a friendly environment.

Sit back, relax, and have fun:

The Forum is here for everyone to come and share their mutual interests in, so come on in and have fun. We all have stuff we want to get away from when we come here, so let go of all your troubles and join your Bruce and Brandon Lee family here. That's it, folks. Come on in, have some Beer, and don't forget above all...ENJOY!

What happens if you abuse the rules?

If you directly attack or disrespect a member, you will be dealt with swiftly. It is possible to illustrate differences of opinions without insulting another member or resorting to childish and petty behaviour.

If you directly attack or disrespect the forum as a whole or our staff here, we will take that as a serious breech of your membership here, and depend on the member, and past behaviour, admin/s will decide at our discretion if your account will be deleted or not.

If threads are deleted, these are reasons relating to some abuse, or violation of the guidelines. It is very rare, but if this happens to take that as a warning. Persistence abuse of our patience is not recommended.

If one of your posts is edited, deleted, or closed in any manner that is a breech of the guidelines, or it offends another member that is considered a warning. You ARE expected to know this - if you don't read the announcements and forum rules, the mods or the admins are not to blame.

Our decision is final; any attempts to disturb this forum with vindictive pettiness will be not tolerated. One account is only permitted per person if we catch you making more than on ID or posting under several aliases with a misleading or malice purpose we can ban IP's and will without hesitation. When a member is banned, it is because of a very SERIOUS and consistent breech of guidelines, this is the business of the admin and mods, and is not up for topic on the forum. Once a member has been banned, they are banned, and no amount of hiding behind false proxy servers and IP's will change that. We weren't born yesterday - it is advised to not test us on this.

Be civil, polite and respect your fellow members in the name of Bruce & Brandon Lee and you will have no problem.

If a mod or admin think you have gone too far *usually * a warning will be issued (these are for small infraction of the guidelines), if another warning is issued you will be banned for posting for two weeks. Any further trouble caused by the member will be taken into an account when deciding to suspend or delete the membership. For more serious breeches immediate action may be taken.

This is a forum for Bruce & Brandon Lee if you have a problem with maintaining a mature conversation with others, you might want to consider carefully as you post. We are a group of adults, who are fans, we don't have time for petty squabbles or fanatical rants - save it for your therapist.

Enjoy yourself, treat others with respect, and most important talk...a discussion forum will only stay viable when there is discussion.

Inactive users may find their membership deleted, so if there is a precise reason why a member doesn't post, inform the admin staff, otherwise you are expected to join in with discussion, or your membership may be deleted. Culls are done every 90 days. We have access to a lot of rare archive material and wish to reward active contributors to the forum.

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